Performing is essential to dance training and we offer 3 main venues to show off our students' skills and artistry:

Year End Recital: One of the things that sets Parker Dance apart from other dance studios is the way we put together our end of the year performance. These performances encompass a broad range of dance styles and levels within the framework of theatre. We use storytelling, backdrops, acting and costumes combined with carefully selected music to create a classic story, brought to life with dance as the primary component. This not only makes for an entertaining show, but also joins each class and student together to create a complete story. Instead of just being a separate group with no relationship to other groups classes and students become an important part of the studio and the success of the performance. We believe this makes for the most positive and exciting performing experience possible.

We also believe that this makes our shows much more entertaining for the audience. Instead of watching a parade of unrelated dances, audience members get caught up in the story, the humor that we throw in, the plot line as it unravels, and the momentum of a theatrical show. Our audience leaves with the feeling that they have truly been entertained. We strive to that end, and our dancers become part of that passion. This unites our studio, our teachers, classes, dancers, and parents, so that in the end we can all share and enjoy the experience together.  Beautiful backdrops, costumes, and choreography will support the tremendous talent that will be featured. Come join us for a magical night sure to entertain!

Nutcracker Ballet: For our 6th annual production of Nutcracker, we have spared no expense. Our costumes promise to be breath taking, and this year we have handmade many of them with the help of talented seamstresses and faithful volunteers, along with purchasing  professional tu-tu’s, as well as time period dresses and outfits for the “Party Scene”. Our sets are professionally painted, and our talent level in this school is second-to-none. The beautiful costumes, music, sets and story will highlight the art and beauty of ballet, and the skill level of our dancers. If you are a dancer, or the parent of a dancer, the Nutcracker ballet should be a part of your holiday tradition! Start now, and discover that the dance school your child attends can bring you all the magic and promise of the Nutcracker tradition!

 Showcase: This is an extravaganza of exceptional dance!  New works, dance team performances, and specially selected classes, solos, duets, and trios will be showcased at a beautiful theater location.