Snow Closure Policy

Policy for afternoon/evening classes:

Scenario #1: We follow the DCSD school closings.  If the schools close then we will close.  We will put it on our homepage and voicemail that we are closed.

Scenario #2: Now what often happens is the roads are fine at 4:30 and we start classes and are happily teaching away, unaware of what is happening outside. Slowly, parents are coming in and saying, "It's really getting bad out there!".  We have to make some decisions and sometimes it's a hard call.  As soon as we decide, we will put it on our homepage and change the voicemail and sometimes it is last minute. We tend to be conservative especially for the late night classes when many of the students are teenage drivers and we want them to be safe.

Scenario #3: Another scenario is the snow is worsening just before classes start at 4:30.  Teachers are on their way and saying the roads are a little slick but not too bad. Parents coming in say it's slick but if you go slow it's fine.  Will it get worse?  Should we cancel or are we overreacting?  Once again, this is often a hard call.  The best we can do is make a decision when we have more information and post it online and change the voicemail.  Sometimes this is very last minute. 

Morning classes during the week:   If the schools are on delayed schedule or have closed, then we will not hold classes.

In any event, please be patient as we are doing the best we can in balancing all the concerns when these decisions have to be made.  If you feel it is unsafe, then by all means stay home. As the season progresses and we all get more confident in our snow driving, we find we cancel less often.